We give our students the opportunity to join in on many activities around the madame. Rest assured that all extracurricular activities, field trips, clubs, and academic competitions are fun and educational packed. We want to give our students opportunities to shine outside of the classroom without stopping high test scores.

Field Trips

Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Graders all have the opportunity to go on field trips throughout the community. Field trips are a privilege to the students that can be taken away. Used as a rewarding system for high test scores we can take your children on to their wildest adventures.


We do our very best to avoid any accidents however, all field trips do come with a little more risk. Just remember that on outdoor field trips to prepare your children just in case they are confronted by a wild pest.


If you’re looking to keep your kids away from home for a little longer each day then clubs are the way to. Many sports are far too dangerous and we understand when you would rather have your kids in a safe classroom environment preparing to score high test scores.

Academic Competitions

PASSJ ensures that we push our students to the limit of memorizing content and lessons to score in the correct bubble on a scantron sheet. With this, we can compete and beat other schools in the area to increase the funding of ours.